My Anxiety and Me

So this one is pretty personal but I wanted to write it because a) writing blogs is so good for my brain, it helps me process information and b) maybe it will help someone who like me buried there head in the sand for a long time and help me help others better C) and … More My Anxiety and Me

Lockdown Life

Life in Lockdown So following the lockdown announcement my husband’s main job of teaching in Gyms and school halls was effectively cancelled and while this was a real shock at the time thankfully he has managed to turn things around and is running 9 online classes a week from our Kitchen 9 weeks ago a … More Lockdown Life

The Commuter Games

After my pretty personal and serious topic in my last post I thought I’d go back to the funny and sometimes plain weird world of commuting I’ve been a little selfish of late only sharing my train nemesis stories with my social media accounts but there are so many now I needed to share on … More The Commuter Games

I Miss you Dad

The 21st December, 2004 started out like any other. Back in my home country Australia, I was renting my own little 1 bedroom flat and had been living by myself for about a year and loved my independence and dream of not having any housemates. These were my non commuting days, I was able to … More I Miss you Dad