The Rules of Commuting

So the train track picture on the main page of my blog, why? Well I guess it’s train travel that has led me to creating a blog.

Each week I spend just over 12 hours on the train between Wokingham & London Waterloo. Yes that’s basically a 12 hour shift in a job but I’ve learnt over the years how to get by without going crazy.

Maybe I was always meant to be a commuter; my 1st real job in Australia led me to a 50 minute commute and I did that for over 5 years. So it’s definitely something I got used to quite early on.

So funnily enough I’ve been doing this commute for about 5 years now and this one is a 1hour and 14 minute journey each way. Again sounds alot but with technology as it is today there is plenty to keep me amused onboard although I still hope for the day they install TV’S on the backs of each chair and offer a drinks trolley 😆😆

But to be honest the main thing that keeps me busy on my commute is people watching. I am fascinated how people behave on public transport. Mostly because it’s terrible! Many people are rude, aggressive, angry and obsessive, not all but a good share.

So I have a few rules I’ve set myself so I don’t become one of them & survive the weekly commute.

1. Don’t stand in the same spot every day on the platform. Life is too short to  worry about getting your favourite seat

2. Never believe anything the train guard says, it’s usually not true.  That’s what social media is for

3. Assume you will be late several journeys each week, it takes away unneeded stress

4. Don’t run for the train in the evening when they come every 15 minutes, unless you want me to laugh at you.

5. Smile…. it’s free and it kind of freaks people out, especially in the UK

6. Share your train stories with the world,  it’s good for you and provides great comic relief.

7. Be kind and give up your seat if you feel someone needs it, believe me karma is real!

8. Commuting is expensive ( outrageously in the UK ) so it’s normal to feel offended when you are asked to show your ticket onboard.

9. Look after yourself 1st, no-one cares about you. It’s sad but true. It’s dog eat dog especially in a crisis

10. Make sure the people you are writing about can’t see your screen, this can lead to all kinds of awkwardness 😂😂

I spose they’re the main “rules” and the rest I go with the flow and deal with as required but I’ll share that on here in keeping with Rule number 6

So commuters and non commuters  thanks for reading 😉


2 thoughts on “The Rules of Commuting

  1. Very good second post! I totally agree, except for rule number 1. I’ve tried to mix it up, but have ended up with no seat – where I stand on the platform was advice given to me by a commuter whose last day commuting was my first day – I have had 100% success rate standing where I do with getting a seat, not so much in other spots!

    The one other subject that probably deserves an entire blog post of its own: bags, bags, bags. It’s my absolute worst – people with backpacks who refuse to take them off and hit others in the face, people who put bags on seats as if they bought their bags a separate ticket or people who insist on putting their large 20kg bags in the aisles.


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