Sometimes I hate being Right

So yesterday I blogged about my rules for surviving the commute and of course as life often does it proved to be all too real

Each evening I leave work at 5pm if all is well and plan to catch the 1720 from London Waterloo. Easy 5 minute bus from Westminster and I’m often on the train by 1710. Yesterday was all looking good so I waited to leave and I waited and waited.

There was an announcement at 1722 to say they were waiting for a member of crew ( the driver, I assume). I checked the National Rail App and it said delayed till 1723 so I thought fine no worries and waited.

But then the guard announced again “still waiting” and then very importantly to note he said ” there is the 1735 on the next platform which also goes to Reading ”

The guy next to me says “F@#*% this”
another rule I forgot yesterday to mention, people generally don’t speak on the train unless a delay or crisis occurs then we are all suddenly besties all United against the train company.

Also as per Rule 2 yesterday the announcements are often not true. This one however was telling us to get off as this train was going to be very delayed.

Anyways the guy runs off the train to get the 1735. I check the App again and it now just says delayed at every stop.

So I head over to get the 1735 as well, pretending of course this is my regular train. No running for me 😆😆

This train is rammed of course and we leave just after 1735.

Now this is where the story should end but that would be too simple.

We stop and start and spend lots of time between stations with no real announcements at all even though the app told me we were 5, 10, 15 minutes late. Eventually we rocked into Wokingham at 1905, due at 1847.

But what about the earlier 1720 train you ask? Well thanks to Twitter I found out that firstly the train left 22 minutes late and without announcing anything ran fast to Staines?! Yes that’s like the halfway mark to Wokingham, so all the people wanting to get off at the stops before had to just sit there and wait to get a train back the other way. Shocking!

Then to top it off the poor people left on the train were dumped at Ascot and ended up getting onto my later train.

All in all a complete shambles but like I said this is what commuting is all about.

This was minor but still expected. Fun Times








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