Is this the best TV show ever? In my opinion…..Yes

Truly, Friends in my mind can do no wrong.

I have probably seen every episode a hundred times plus some, if I’m not watching Friends I probably have it on Sky plus recording so I can watch when I need a friends fix. (A Friends TV show Blog is imminent)

But really this blog is about real friends and friendship in everyday life

With social media as it is today we seem to have lots of friends, but ask yourself, when was the last time you actually spoke to that Facebook friend or attended an event not organised on Facebook. I hold my hand up high, I’m guilty of both of these

Like many people I mean to call, whatsapp or catch up, I really do but life gets in the way and before you know it, a week, month or even a year has passed and you haven’t seen that person or group in ages.

The other problem is I’m lazy, I always think I must do that tomorrow. Add the commute, fitness classes, work, family and the fact I love every minute I get to spend with Rob ( the honeymoon still isn’t over )  the week’s actually go by quite fast.

But the best kind of friendship to me is knowing your friends will be there when you need them or when they need me. I’ve learnt you can just simply outgrow people; and that’s OK! but mostly… great friendships are still there and will pick up where you left them.

I do plan to catch up with friends in 2016 and now it’s on paper so I don’t have any excuses 🙂

Thanks for Reading

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