Plus Size? Even Average size will do

So yesterday I started watching the new series of Britain’s Next Top Model, the sister show of the much more Popular US series hosted by Tyra Banks who acts as Executive producer, Judge and of course created the show way back in 2003.

The US series has had 22 “cycles” in 12 years while the UK series has had less than half with 10 cycles in 10 years.

Now I’m a super fan you could say, as apart from The US series and British series i’ve seen almost all of the Australian series too and yes I still long to be a next top model myself 😆😆

What struck me while watching this new series yesterday was the size of the girls selected in the Top 15 ( which was soon reduced to 12) there was nothing to them?! they all looked like they could all do with a good feed and I could see their ribs sticking out.

Now as a man I’m not the target audience for the fashion which is presented nor are the girls any kind of role model for me, but I feel that any young woman or young girl who is watching this series will be thinking “is that what I should look like” ?? Of course the answer is NO

For many girls they may be smart enough to realise it’s just a reality show which is made to entertain people and things are set up for that effect. But what about those who are unhappy with their weight or those who aspire to be models one day, what does this say to them?

One of the finalists even said in her VT, her family said She was “practically raised by Britain’s Next Top Model” as she had been watching it every year since she was a child. That’s not something I’d be proud of as a parent.

Now if you look back on previous cycles of the show there haven’t been many plus size models in the UK series, basically those sizes above the “norm” are considered plus size. Girls with curves and less bones showing.

The last one I recall was back in 2010 when the one plus size model was eliminated 1st. This was coincidently the same series that judge at the time Fashion designer Julien McDonald had stated “if a girl bigger than a size 6 or 8 wins the show, it makes it a joke” which he was heavily criticized for.

The difference in the US series is as early as 2004 in the 3rd cycle, a plus size model; was one of the finalists and in 2008 in Cycle 10, Americas Next Top Model had their 1st plus size model win the whole show!

Why hasn’t the UK caught up and realised that women come in all shapes and sizes, and that young impressionable girls will be watching.

I’m not saying for a second these girls were underweight, it’s just that by now after 10 series I would expect to see girls of every shape and size

I just hope the girls on the show are being looked after also from a health perspective


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