The one about … Bullying

High School memories for me are really good, I had a blast and was able to get along with pretty much anybody but only a few people probably know I was bullied for a period of about 6 months when I was in high school. I’m not even sure to this day if I ever told my parents but I’m sure I didn’t tell anyone when it was actually happening.

But I do remember clear as day the horrible feeling of being told “we’re not your friends anymore” it made me feel singled out and wondering why, what had I don’t wrong?

The two other really strong memories I have of that period is stealing extra snack foods from the pantry in the kitchen at home which I would give to my bullies to sometimes take the pressure of me & also I remember on Friday afternoons when we would be waiting for the bus, I would hide from my bullies because if they didn’t get the opportunity to say anything to me, I had the whole weekend to feel like I didn’t have anything to worry about and I felt bully free.

Now for me it’s a very small blip, my bullies realised the error of their ways, I even had an apology and life was good again. I don’t see it as a dark time in my life, in fact I don’t think about it at all but I was lucky some people don’t forget or can’t forget.

Over the years I have seen many anti bullying campaigns, mainly through the school system and I do feel we have stopped a lot of what was a horrible thing for kids to face and experience a
on a daily basis. But while we as adults have recognised it and dealt with it for the younger generation, I’m surprised how much bullying happens each and every day amongst adults?

Reality TV shows are very quick to pick up on someone being the “bully” or someone being bullied as it’s there right in front of our faces, it’s recognised, served up and presented and we all say “that’s bullying right there” but in our everyday lives , Do we know what a bully looks like? Do we know if we are being bullied or sadly worst of all; Do we know what to do if we are being bullied? I feel the answer is No

Bullying is many things, name calling, gossiping, spreading rumors, threatening someone and of course cyber bullying which links to all social media which has given bullies a new sense of power.

But at the end of the day bullies as adults are exactly as they were as kids, some know exactly what they are doing, some are easily led by pack mentality and some just go along with it to keep face. Either way it’s up to the rest of us to acknowledge it, talk about it and one day hopefully get rid of it for good for everyone…young & old.

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