The Train Nemesis

The word Nemesis From Urban Dicitionary

“A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
Your worst enemy.”

So I guess the reason this Blog came about was my train nemesis facebook posts, where I would complain to the world about my commuting people nightmares

Before I knew it..people at work, people I saw on weekends, people in hubby’s fitness classes, people I’d never met in person (even people I didn’t know were following me on Facebook) were saying “loving your Train Nemesis posts, keep it up!”

I’m glad they were loving my commuting hell!!!   But Seriously, I had my own little Train Nemesis fan club :p

So what exactly is a Train Nemesis and how do you know, and how can you handle them?

Firstly this person doesn’t just do something once that irks you, it’s someone who does something on a daily basis that makes your blood boil and makes you wonder if they are just rude, ignorant, selfish or all the above

Secondly you will create a name for them, I remember “The Giant” who was about 6 foot 5 and believed due to his height, that he owned the platform and was entitled to stand in front of people on the platform and enter the train first.

Then there was “Blondie” no resemblance to the celebrity, just her hair colour; and the sense of self importance a celebrity might have. Which brings me to my third point

The Train Nemesis is either an older male 40 plus or a younger female 30 and under, this is by no means fact but is more often the case. Often due to older man syndrome of groundhog day, same spot on the platform, same seat, same unhappy face; and the young females under 30 who strut onto the platform at the last minute and like to think they can use their womanly charm to stroll onto the train first

Now the location of the nemesis is important too, many times someone may be a platform nemesis but on the actual train they are actually quite normal, but in some cases your nemesis is a double threat, with the power to irritate wherever they go

Yes hogging the seat, snoring, sniffing, eating and drinking (the WORST), farting (yes it happens), belching, talking on the phone extra Loud and the silent killer overspraying cologne/perfume or stinking like an ashtray

So at this point you might be thinking, don’t let them get to you, walk away, find another carriage. Yes that’s what I mentioned in my previous blog about the commuting rules and usually I try and find a new carriage. But the ideal way to deal with a Train Nemesis is to beat him/her at their own game, teach them a lesson or just have some fun with them. And if I’m honest if you’re going to share with people you need to finish the story, you’re fans deserve to see what happened next.

My actual favourite was the guy who always had to have the same seat everyday, I don’t mind people who do this but when they go out of the way and run people over to get to that seat, well I’m afraid that’s when I need to play games with them.

So I got to the station a little earlier one day and stood to the door to the left of this bloke, as the doors opened I was lucky enough to be able to get onboard and walk through the doors of the next carriage and into his favoured seat. The look on his face was priceless and after he had found another seat I think I smiled the entire journey to work.

See I’m sure you are smiling now, and that’s what it’s about. The Train Nemesis probably isn’t even aware they are being rude and ignorant but once they learn then they can go onto becoming everyday regular pleasant commuters. Well there is hope!

I’ve wondered if I’m a Train Nemesis myself but I have manners and respect so I doubt it but if teaching people a lesson on public transport is a bad thing then I’m your worst nightmare!!

As all comments welcome 😊😊


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