Valentine’s Day….Really?? No Thanks


Now already I know many will be thinking ah bah humbug, what’s up with Matt?.. but hear me out.

I’m in love. I’m loved up. I love to love. I go gooey over the silly little things in a relationship (like watching or listening to your other half sleep, it’s so comforting!) BUT I’ve always disliked Valentine’s Day as a couple but also as a singleton and I’ll tell you why.

Like all “special days” of the year people start talking about it far too early. Back in December people were already saying “next it will be Valentine’s Day and Xmas hasn’t even arrived yet”. Which of course is true, we all know Easter eggs came out in stores before we even got to New Year.

Yep it’s that negative tone that is set way before it even arrives.

When I was single, I of course would hope that by the next February I wouldn’t be single and February 14th would be amazing! Ahhh alas No that was often not the case and like most single people I’d go out with my other single friends and drink way too much alcohol and pretend it wasn’t happening.

I once had an anti valentine’s party and did a 3 course dinner in protest 😉

Now fast forward to being in a couple or married as a couple, is Valentine’s any more exciting or special? Well not for the public but for Restaurants, Florists & Chocolatiers YES. They’re out to make as much money as they can on all those who think they “should” do something.

Yes I know I sound like a bitter old man now but to me Valentine’s Day is basically there to make people in new relationships feel guilty if they don’t do anything and make single people feel rubbish and make people in longer term relationships do something. I mean what is the point of spending twice as much money on something that will be half the price the next day??

Now I’m not saying I’m against Romance, I love a bit of Romance and I’d say I can be quite Romantic but the most Romantic things are often the unexpected, the unknown and the surprise of it all.

I bet you’re thinking I’m just a cheapskate, Umm well sometimes I am (hey you gotta be these days) but it’s the little things like the day I came home and Rob had used the fridge magnets to spell “I love you” ahhhhhhhh or when I get a really sweet text message for no apparent reason Ooooooohh or when he makes my favourite dinner just because :):):):)

That’s what Romance is about, not some commercial day to make you pay, or feel guilty or show off.

And a shout out to the singletons, Valentine’s Day is soooooo Over-rated

So the question is what are you doing on February 14th this year???



8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day….Really?? No Thanks

  1. What will I be doing? Working! I’ve got an 0700-1700 shift.

    I don’t think I’ve ever gone out for a Valentine’s meal or any sort of other V day celebration as I’ve never got it, probably more from the “bah humbug it’s overpriced propaganda” perspective than anything else.

    Steve and I have also agreed that given our wedding anniversary is 1st Feb, we won’t celebrate V day, as the former is much more important to us.

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  2. Today is like any other Sunday, a wee lie-in accompanied by the dogs on the bed after being fed/watered, chilled out day with hubby, shirts ironed for the week and a cracking Sunday joint. Is it Easter next? Always partial to an Easter egg 😁


  3. Never been a big fan of Valentine’s day myself. I don’t see anything wrong with people celebrating, but I’d like to see the loving gestures given on V-day other days throughout the year, too.

    Like mother’s day or father’s day- take a day to appreciate the ones you love, but don’t forget you don’t need a holiday marked on the calendar to do so.


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