How Fitness became part of my life

IMG-20160210-WA0001[1]That’s Rob in the pic not me 🙂

Ok so I’m writing this a week after splitting my trousers on the way to work. Now normally most people would be upset…… well I was a little bit as my pasty white thigh could be seen in my favourite pin stripe suit & I had a full day of interviews to do BUT I didn’t split them from eating too many pies, I’d added muscle to my legs and just like the Hulk I was exploding from my clothes. (Well minus the hulk bit, it’s all true)

So what a perfect introduction to my next blog post

Now I’ve seen more than my share of blogs now and I’ve see alot of promotional blogs and for my first I thought I’d promote my husband’s fitness business but not just from a biased “he is so amazing point of view” I thought i’d give an honest opinion on why I think it’s so amazing 🙂

I’ve never really been into fitness or sport for that matter, sometimes in life you’re just not very good at things, so you avoid them. I remember joining the gym in my early twenties, but I don’t remember going very often. One time I went to a spin class, and left 20 minutes in, walked out and into the KFC next door. I was lucky I was always quite skinny until a fat phase I went through in my mid twenties, I still have the old passport photo where I look like Monica does with a fat suit on in Friends!

I actually lost most of that weight by not eating much when I moved to the UK because I was so broke, but that’s another story.

Cut to 2010 and I meet my now husband Rob. Now when I found out he was a fitness instructor I thought wow that’s amazing (and the rest!) but I didn’t have any intention of actually doing any of his classes. But of course when we started dating I wanted to impress him so I went to a Body Attack class on a saturday morning. Now this class is everything it sounds like, it’s one crazy hour of choreographed torture, I swear I almost vomited up the banana I’d eaten 20 minutes before the class.

It’s safe to say I wasn’t sold but over the next few years I realised I liked the idea of working hard to look good and feel better. Having a holiday in a sunny destination booked is a great motivation and it helps my pasty white legs look better with some definition :p

I joined the local gym and started going several nights a week but that whole gym thing was not for me because –

a) I had no idea what I was doing,

b) I hated the selfie obsessed gym folk

c) I had absolutely no motivation being there.

That’s when I realised that maybe group exercise was for me

Rob had been teaching ZUMBA as part of his own business for a couple of years and I had dabbled in the odd class here or there but I thought it wasn’t for me. Then I started going twice a week and soon found that it’s not about having the best coordination, or looking like a back up dancer for Janet Jackson (although I think i’d get the gig) it’s about having fun, in a group setting and getting fit at the same time. If you love music, dancing or laughing then i’d say this class is for you.

INSANITY was the next I started, and it is everything it says in the title. It’s tough, you move, you sweat (more than I ever thought my body could produce) and you hurt BUT it actually works, you lose weight and add muscle. The Insanity workout is a total body workout but you don’t need any gym equipment. It’s based on Max Interval training, you do the moves for quick sessions pushing yourself more and more each time.

The moves are simple to pick up and you can do them at your own pace. Yes there are modifications to suit as well. The best thing about doing Insanity as a group is you are motivated to keep going and all with killer music tracks in the background ! When I owned the DVD at home, I would pause and stop it when I got too tired….Oooops

The 3rd class I do is PIYO, what is that?! Well its a Fusion of the muscle sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates and the strength and flexibility of flowing Yoga movements. OK I stole all those words from Rob’s promotional material but in my words it’s Pilates and Yoga on fast forward, Yoga bores me and I wouldn’t even look at doing a Pilates class because I’m a bloke and I look tragic in a pair of tights but PIYO flows through a combination of moves with awesome music and again makes you sweat!

Now the Instructor, I’m going to sound very biased here but Rob really is one of the best. You know when you know someone was meant to be doing what they do?   That’s him.

When your giving 100%, he’s giving 200% and he still has the ability to talk with a microphone, smile and looks great in a pair of short shorts! And the motivation is the key ingredient, he motivates you whether you are young or old, beginner or experienced.

So in Total my week consists of Zumba and PiYo on a Tuesday night, Insanity on a Wednesday night and Zumba and Insanity on a Thursday Night. That makes me sweat just thinking about it!

Do I look forward to every class? Well I’d be lying if I said Yes, it’s tough but as Rob says “the toughest part is walking through the door” and that’s true, the atmosphere, the people, the music and the fitness is why I keep going back.

So if you are in the Wokingham & Maidenhead area, then I highly recommend having a go

More details below –




2 thoughts on “How Fitness became part of my life

  1. Heheheh! I’m sure I’ve vomited up a banana (or two) when I started running. You’ve re-motivated me. And you’ve made me chuckle (not chuck) as well.


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