Please don’t sit next to me…


So we are back to the trains, ahhh yes the glorious machines that get us from A to B or sometimes leave you stranded at A with delays and cancellations towards B.

But unlike cars or trains and planes (that’s a whole other blog post!) we have to share the privilege, which takes me to  today’s post.

Commuters are funny & so interesting. I really love to people watch, I think we all do. It’s fascinating but also slightly scary to see how everyday people react to life situations which are different to yourself.

I am by no means perfect, I think with a post like this it’s important I point this out.. I’m probably weirder than half the people on the train but I do have manners and I respect other people which makes me a decent commuter. (Remember my rules?)

So what makes a bad commuter,? what drives me up the wall? what irritates me and gets me so angry I wish I could smash the window and jump off the train? Well I’ll tell you…

  •  Probably my biggest pet peeve is people eating or drinking next to me. I suffer from Misophonia ( self diagnosed, but its a real thing) which means I get unusually irritated by sounds others make. I will say for the record my poor husband ( I think he suffers more!) but he knows I love him really 😊😊 Slurping hot tea/coffee actually hurts my ears like nails down a chalkboard!


  • Linking to the above one, now eating on the train really should only occur if it’s the weekend, that’s downtime and not usually peak anyway. Or when you are drunk, now again that’s common sense :p So imagine when people walk onto the train just after 5pm with hot food from Wasabi, spicy noodles and sauce filtering through the carriage. It’s Gross and overpowering


  • People who smell like an ashtray . Now this isn’t anti smokers, I’m known to smoke socially with alcohol but if you’re sitting in my personal space I don’t want to have to reach into my bag and fragrance the hell out of you ( and Yes I have).


  •   The Mary Poppins brigade, with their oversize bags and the ones who like a dog getting settled seem to take 10 minutes to get everything they need and then finally sit down. Just sit down already, you’re annoying more than me, you’re annoying the people trying to get to their seats too!


  • Apologies to women of the world BUT doing your make up on the train is a No No, for 2 very good reasons, firstly most often I see girls/women who are actually applying a 2nd coating of thick heavy make up, you look ridiculous and you don’t need it. And secondly it goes everywhere, my suit doesn’t actually need a dusting of Foundation.


  • The Sniffers! Yes those that are in denial about having a runny nose, cold or flu. And haven’t got the memo that you need a tissue to blow your nose, EURGH it’s not going to suddenly stop.


  • The throat cleaners. OK this one happened yesterday. I was on the train with headphones on and the guy across from me was clearing his throat ( imagine an elephant sneezing) with an almighty noise so loud even with the volume on full I could hear it.


  • Kids. Now I love kids, I really do I think they’re cute and funny BUT not on public transport. Now kids are kids so I really don’t blame them but the parents who switch off and start playing candy crush while their child annoys the rest of the carriage?! Not On!


  • The “I’m so cool I’m on my phone” people. Yes this WAS cool in the late 90’s when mobiles on trains were rare but get with the program everyone has got a phone and we can all speak to people but we Choose to not have a 1 hour conversation on the train

So I bet I know what you’re thinking now, Who’d want to sit next to me on the train haha

Honestly I’m not Victor Mildrew, I just like to share my annoyances

This kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday but happens enough I’m always thinking please don’t sit next to me…

What drives you mad about your fellow commuters?


5 thoughts on “Please don’t sit next to me…

  1. Haha! This is all so true. Sweaty people first thing in the morning, is also a massive bugbear! Especially jam packed on a London tube at 7am… Disgusting


  2. 1. Ladies filing their nails with the dust blowing down carriage towards me. 2. Listening to music so loudly through their headphones that the whole carriage could sing along. 3. Not even bothering with headphones to watch a YouTube clip. 4. Self spraying in cheap perfume. 5. Eating and discarding of fried chicken bones onto the seat. 6. Feet on seats. 7. Sitting next to me when the rest of the carriage has space. 8. Being in the same carriage as me.


  3. I agree 100% with the hot food, I hate it being any where near me. Omg yes the whole listening to youtube without headphones I seriously have nearly thrown phones out of moving transport. My mum is a notorious feet on seat warrior she openly tells people of haha x


  4. Spot on. Food is the absolute worst, 1 guy used to eat toasted tuna and cheese toasties at 6.30am !! This is followed closely by a cretin trimming his nails with clippers on train journey. I shit you not !!

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