Matt doesn’t share food…

pizza-953011_1920The heading is of course another Friends line, I am way too obsessed with that show

Ok I haven’t blogged in a week. Manflu got the best of me and I got blogger block if that’s a thing??

So this post is very short & simple, it’s about sharing food….I don’t like it but as always I do have my myriad of reasons why.

Now before I sound like a total selfish ass, I assure you in life I share, I’m one of 4 siblings and the oldest so obviously I had to set the good example. Or maybe that’s part of it, maybe I was always competing for food in our house 🙂

It’s just that the whole sharing food thing is a big No No in my book

So let’s take example number 1 , you’re out for dinner with your other half and you peruse the menu and find one of your favourite dishes on the menu and you decide that’s it I’m having that. Your partner orders for himself and orders something else.

Your meal arrives and its exactly what you hoped it would be, it’s fresh, smells great and looks amazing. You go in for your first bite and it taste delicious.

Suddenly I feel like I’m being watched, I look up and see his eyes on……my Food?

“Looks yum, what’s it like?” he asks

“Ahh it’s really good”I answer cautiously

Then comes the line I’m dreading

“Wanna try mine?”

” Mmm No Thanks”

Cue hubby telling me I’m silly with my ridiculous no sharing food thing, which i’ll be honest sometimes ends up with me giving in and giving him some of mine.

Now getting to my point,  I ordered my meal and you ordered yours, lets just at our own

I don’t want to try yours and exchange for some of mine, I want the whole meal for me.

If you want to try some of mine perhaps you should have asked the waiter if you can have half this and half that?

Now example number two involves a group people

I was in Spain with friends and we all went out for dinner

I saw the sign outside and it said a sharing menu/Tapas was available as is popular there

It sent shivers down my spine.


Now my main problem with Tapas is the idea of small servings of food it’s just silly, I love big plates of food, not the “one of each thing” variety

Now maybe I’m too nice, because believe me it’s dog eat dog in the sharing food arena and “Nice” isn’t going to get you the last spring roll!

I swear I spent the whole time thinking, “I’m not full yet” and there is no more food

My last example is the one that is more frustration than anything and often I discuss with the people I’m with about my thoughts before we order.

I’m not good with spicy food, I’ll definitely try anything but if it’s so hot it makes me cry, numbs my mouth and causes me pain afterwards then I’m OUT

The Indian Takeaway, probably top of many folks takeaway lists as the most popular (well especially in the UK). For me it scares the BeJesus out of me. All those spices and sauces and chillies, especially for someone with IBS (I think you get the picture)

But if that’s what the majority of the group want then I go with the flow (told you I’m not a total ass)

Now am I wrong that I just want a plain main and rice, is it wrong that I don’t want to share your hot and spicy dish? Nope the sharing concept is a No Go Zone here

On the other hand I have to say I have gotten better and its almost as if the universe has felt my pain, we now have all you can eat sharing concepts at some restaurants. This is great as although we are sharing food we can keep ordering more so you never feel like you’re missing out, Brilliant Idea!!

What are you thoughts? Are you Pro or Anti Share??






2 thoughts on “Matt doesn’t share food…

  1. ahahahahaha this post had me rolling, Tapas sent shivers down your spine lol. you would hate me I am that typical “no I’m not hungry” then my boyfriends food comes and suddenly my eyes go all SWAT team on his plate! I cannot help it my defence is I don’t want a whole plate of food just a few bits so why order my own hahaha x

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