I’m going to Eurovision! (plus my Top 5 Review)

Yes it’s true, I’m going to this year’s Eurovision song contest in Stockholm, Sweden and I still can’t quite believe it.

It’s hard to pinpoint when I first became interested in Eurovision, I was definitely in my early teens and it was the 90’s and weirdly I was in Australia?! How does that even work?

Well thankfully there are enough ex convicts like myself 🙂 who are interested in the biggest music & song competition in the world. My dad was originally from Scotland so he had a vested interest in all things from this side of the world. I do remember him thinking the UK had a great chance of winning in 2003 with Australia’s own Gina G, she finished 8th but these days the UK would happily accept that!

With the time difference in Australia the show actually starts in the early hours of the morning but who cares it’s Eurovision and it’s only once a year.

So cut to me moving to the UK and instead of being on the other side of the world watching the show I’m here “Live” in Europe watching the show

Now that’s all fantastic it’s practically part of my DNA and so you would think my husband would share my love…………………..ahh No.

He isn’t really a fan & in truth I’ve had to talk him into watching each and every year. Including singing along to the good ones

So how did this all come about then?

Well I’ve wanted to go to Eurovision for years, because to be honest there is nothing like being there (from everything I’ve heard)

And it was actually Rob who suggested it 🙂

Also allow me to introduce you to Jason & Stef who complete the Eurovision travelling team. Two of the best people we know!



as you can see we need to get better with our selfies by May.

Now one of the 1st topics I spoke about with Jason was Eurovision, he is a fan as well, and Stef much like Rob understood ( bless them) our obsession. Let’s just say while Jason and I are comparing favourites on the plane, Stef and Rob will be ordering their 5th drink from the flight attendants! (Not even kidding)

So before we knew it we had all agreed if a “good” country was chose (basically anyone but Russia) we would all go and Sweden won YAY!

And by September accommodation and flights were booked.

We’re going to Eurovision BABY!

On top of the Jury Final we have tickets to the Eurovision party on the night of the Final also plus hoping to meet other friends and fans along the way and doing a bit of sightseeing of Stockholm as well.

So with 6 weeks to go, I think its only fair that I give my prediction of the Top 5

Now like a true fan, I’ve listened to all the songs a dozen times each minimum and my predictions are based on song quality, vocals, possible staging and popularity.

It’s so hard choosing a “Top” anything as it changes constantly but this is the current Top 5 (with another 5 hanging in there in the top 10 including Italy, Israel, Germany, Bulgaria & Norway)

At Number 5

It’s Spain, Barei with “Say Yay”

Now this has been on my radar since it was released, it’s a little non Eurovision for Spain but it gets the thumbs up from me as it’s funky, I think her energy is fantastic and I think Europe might just get behind it



 At Number 4

Its Latvia,  Justs with Heartbeat

Written by last years entry for Latvia Aminata, this is a pop electro tune that is just different  and current enough to make people pay attention and vote


At Number 3, its my home country of Australia

Dami Im – Sound of Silence

Dami is an amazing vocalist who won the 2013 series of X Factor in Australia, mentored by my favourite Minogue sister Dannii. Match made in heaven! “Sound of Silence” is an instant hit, and you can tell it was written for Dami & Eurovision. I love how much Australia loves Eurovision, just like me :p


At Number 2, its Russia!

Sergey Lazarev – You are the only one

Yes I know but Eurovision is Eurovision and this one has winner written all over it. I think under my name in the dictionary you will find the words cheesy pop, and that’s definitely the kind of music that I love in Eurovision. This sounds a bit like its from a competition years ago but I promise you on the night its going to do very well indeed! (Thunder & Lightning its getting exciting, you will be singing along! I promise :))


And my Number 1 pick is…


Greta Salome – Hear them Calling

This one gives me goosebumps! I think the music, vocals and staging all sets the scene that spells winner to me. Well that’s my opinion anyway, well you read it here first 🙂


Thanks for Reading, Please share and like and comment as always




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2 thoughts on “I’m going to Eurovision! (plus my Top 5 Review)

  1. Oh that’s soooooooooo annoying – the start of Iceland’s is so similar to the melody of another entry in the last 2 years but I just can’t remember it.
    But still I think thunder & lightning will trump all, and that’ll be the end of my ESC trips.


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